WOMAN SS24 – Laneus

The season’s highlights include new tailored pieces, perfect for creating elegant outfits or to be mixed with rhinestone ultra-light denim, mesh dresses or round fitted cotton poplin shirts. The collection’s key pieces remain the knitted garments experimented with new processes, techniques and details opening the door to stylistic innovation.


Laneus yellow double-breasted blazerdettaglio
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Laneus yellow shortdettaglio
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Laneus yellow trousersdettaglio
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Laneus asymmetrical palm print longuette skìrtdettaglio
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Laneus palm printed top-knotdettaglio
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Regular price €385,00
Laneus denim top washed effectdettaglio
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Laneus black mesh tank topdettaglio
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Laneus milk heart shape top dettaglio
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Laneus pink loose fit high-waisted trousersdettaglio
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